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Black minimal kitchen

Black minimal kitchen

Kirill Lynkovsky
September 26, 2021

It was a commercial work for furniture workshop made in 2019. Clients asked for Images of a minimalistic kitchen showroom, their new kitchen model called "memfis". I had samples of wood finishes and an idea that it should be a modern luxury brutal kitchen with kitchen island and wine cooler as a starting point. 

Cold urban minimalism, which is fortunately my favourite interior style, suits best for this brutal kitchen model, so approving the interior design was not a difficult task. Particular time was devoted to material tuning - I had real samples of facades, the study of which helped me a lot to replicate them on the visualization. In the process of work, I liked this interior so much that I decided to make extra presentation materials - a short animation video, a mockup.
you can check video by the link

3dsmax+Fstorm render, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro were used for images and video rendering, editing and composition. I also used Ableton Lite for melody compositing, which I wrote especially for animation shorts. Product brochure images were made on mockup, not much to say here.

Working on this project was very exiting and learningfull. I tryed myeself fro the first time in producing shot animations, music compositing, graphic design. Clients were happy since i made more materials as the were asking. This project was publicated in popular instagram treads wich brings to me new better clients.

Today, looking back at this project, I understand that it is not ideal in terms of photorealism, but I do not want to make any adjustments. It was a great experience and an example of how the combination of the freedom that the client gave me and the passion with which this project was completed can produce very inspiring emotional results. Thank you for the attention. Please check my instagram for the latest projects

Kirill Lynkovsky

CG artist

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