Black Mirror Animated Posters

Starting from the project is a series of posters representing each episode of Black Mirror, in particular a significant scene or a concept that encloses a brief summary of the episode. I have decided to do an illustration as well as an animation to emphasize the concept represented and enrich it.

The style used is very flat and minimal, in general very current with respect to beauty fees. I realized after I realized that I was unconsciously inspired by the Tube poster style of London, which is also very minimal, I remember that it was the first things that struck me during my first trip to London I did from Little, (I have literally fallen in love with the city, and in fact I hope to be able to transfer them soon and find a job in my field).

To do this project i used adobe programs, the base is an Illustrator illustration, lights, shadows shades and all the details are made on Photoshop. Finally, the animation on adobe after effect, a fairly common process pass from these programs.

The job is getting positive opinions, no doubt it was a challenging project that took me a month’s work, also because working in an agency I did not have much free time to devote. All in all it was worth it, it was a challenging month and it has made me improve in so many things.

Ah one important thing is why I choose Black mirror! In general, I’m not like a TV series (I know I’m strange, I’m too long and I know if I’m starting to look at them I would not do anything else) Black Mirror is different, I could stop watching without the craze flea killing me because Are episodes without a common plot.

Francesco Hashitha Moorthy