Black & White Bathroom

This flat is located is in a newly built house in Shulyavskaya St, 32 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Interior design is developed for a young pair, that will live in this space together. Young man is a programmer and a girl is a scientific worker.

I wanted to create a space that would suit for both of the pair. Beautiful and cosy for girl and minimalistic enough as young man requested.
4 types of tiles are taken from ‘Fabula’ collection and used for wall cover. It helps to identify the main functional room areas. The most intense tone emphasizes shower zone. White marble colour tile takes its place on the floor.
Due to the election of such light tiles, interior turned out to be spacious and full of air. This bathroom seems to be very strict with its colour scheme. But the pattern makes it pretty elegant and flirty.

I would like to notice the feature of the tile design itself. I found it very interesting because of the similarity to the ‘Flower of life’ geometry. Flower of life is completely constructed according to the golden section laws. It means infinity and is considered as a strong protective symbol.

On the sides of the mirror, two pendant lamps illuminate the room with warm light. Also, there are overhead lights on the ceiling.
For the main accent colour in the interior of the flat I chose emerald colour. Such coloured details are shown here too.

It is more convenient for me to build the original model in ArchiCAD. It allows making more accurate drawings.
Then scene is exported to CINEMA 4D. Here objects get their textures, place sun and artificial lightning. And next render making.
Final colour and light correction of pictures are made in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I must confess, this project became something new for me. It was the opportunity to do something in completely different style. This project turned out to be very graphical and inspiring.
I’m happy that many of those who have seen gave positive reviews. And especially that owners appreciated my view on their life space.
This experiment allowed me to expand the borders of my perception as well.

Elena Ivanenko

Artist | Architect from Kyiv, Ukraine