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Blowhammer by Maurizio Pagnozzi

Blowhammer by Maurizio Pagnozzi

Jon Paylaga
May 16, 2015

Choose a style which can scream who you are to the world. Change your rules. Live Blowhammer.

The Blowhammer project fits the experienced awareness of street life and the creative professionality
of producers to realize high-quality dresses, to come up as the made in Italy with a rebel heart.

- Maurizio Pagnozzi


Blowhammer is the manifesto of young people who break the rules. It is not just a clothing brand, it was conceived to emphasize the Italian underground style, blending the variety of international design and the quality of raw materials completely treated in Italy.

- Maurizio Pagnozzi



Started as a game in 2013, it was conceived by a group of three friends enthusiastic for extreme sports and alternative music, Blowhammer immediately drew attention for its determination, it had been hailed from its fans on social networks, who find themselves in that style.

- Maurizio Pagnozzi





Blowhammer has turned into a connotative sign, ready to embed and transmit uniqueness. BH clothes express the pride about thinking using your own mind and the enthusiasm to belong to a group of people who know what they want. Blowhammer is the symbol for those who want to speak differently to the world.

- Maurizio Pagnozzi




The brand is constructed from a triangle. Apparently reads the monogram BH, but if you heed it turns out that the triangle contains all the letters of the word Blowhammer. The pattern is built along the lines of the various letters.

- Maurizio Pagnozzi



About Maurizio Pagnozzi

Italian designer based in London. He studied Graphic Design at "Scuola la Tecnica" of Benevento, where he graduated with a project entitled "Anatomy of the typeface". He continued his studies at ILAS of Naples where he studied Art Direction and Copy writing and where he attended a master in Graphic Design, he graduated in 2013 full marks with honors (110/110 magna cum laude) . During his studies he met Cristiano Vicedomini and Denise Di Nardo and with them he created the project "Macride," a young adv agency. Since January 2014 he began his career as a teacher of visual communication. Teaching supports the freelance activities at his studio One Design. He worked for several international clients which appreciate his direct style, clean and essential, but not devoid of meaning and contents. Specializing in branding, corporate identity and packaging. His aim is always to create works that combines concepts with strong functional and solid executions. In 2013 he won the Cread Portfolio Awards, his works has been published in several online galleries and inspirational books. You can find out more about him by visiting his Behance and Dribble.

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