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Blue Bird by Megha Singha

Blue Bird by Megha Singha

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December 25, 2015
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Blue bird was India-based photographer Megha Singha's first ever photo series. The series, blue bird has multiple tales, no single narrative as such. A bunch of photographs with which she started off. Megha's photo series exudes a nostalgia and motion, with very minimal components, Blue bird is a striking photo series.

Megha SIngha

Megha Singha

Megha SIngha

Megha SIngha

I did not really have an inspiration for this project as such. But I got inspired to give Photography as a medium a shot after looking at the work of Alex Stoddard and Laura Makabresku.
-Megha Singha





I write stories in private. I'm constantly looking for a medium to write these tales, I often draw, dance, paint, photograph. Ever since I started working with photographing self portraits I fell in love with it, I feel like it makes me feel happy, lonely, scarred, excited all at the same time and has helped me discover my Illustration style as well. My Photography style, I would describe it as shots of a performance.
-Megha Singha





There would be times where one would feel like they can't progress which could be really frustrating but it's absolutely alright to feel this way, in fact be angry at things that are not working out, it's fine to do that. There are no bad ideas, I keep telling that to myself all the time, and the ideas that sound kinda funny to you, they are the ones that sometimes work out the best way, you just need to make sure you execute them with your all your love.
-Megha Singha


Megha SIngha

I used a Canon 600D, mostly prefer to shoot with a 50mm prime lens. Lightroom for editing. I often borrow lights from college or around, do not have a studio as of yet so I keep customizing my room according to the set.
-Megha Singha

About Megha Singha

Megha Singha is a 20 year old Illustrator, Photographer and Graphic Designer currently in her third year in Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. She writes stories in private but prefers making art to replace words she no longer remembers how to write. See more of her works on Behance.

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