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Bocas Town

Bocas Town

Aurelio gallon
August 15, 2017
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Bocas town is a personal project that makes part of a series of illustration I've been developing through this 2017. This illustrations help me find myself and my own graphic language and style, and also connect with the place and society that surrounds me. "Bocas Town" is the name of a song by "Señor Loop" a panamanian indie Rock Band, and is also the short name for a small paradise we have here in Panama Called Bocas del toro. Well known for its blue ocean and white sands and specially great surf.

The idea came up after trying to describe something I really like about Panama, and it is its biodiversity and natural resources, about the style, I really love vector art, clean lineas and flat colors so that part was easy, I also really like character design.

I always start on paper, after having a really detailed sketch I scan it, clean it in photoshop and then straight to illustrator.After doing all this I start doing the basic line work were i define the line weights, after finishing I add some details to add contrast to the lines. Then I apply color, I always choose my color swatches ready to go so i don't have to think about what colors I want to use while doing this. The last part is adding shadows and lights to the illustration.

people have been responding really good to this project, I post most of my artwork on instagram, but this time i decided to upload the project to behance, and do it in a more professional way, this helped me create a lot of content that i've been posting along other projects.

I hope you like this project, and if you did make sure to check more of my work and follow me in social media.

Aurelio gallon

Borned and raised in cali, Colombia, Escaped to france for 4 years and landed in Panama city where he started his illustration career. Self Taught and self promoted Pape Ink is still on the search of new techniques, rock n roll, beer, hip hop and other things that inspire him.

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