Bocetos y dibujos – Sketch and Drawings

All of the images has been done in different times, but everyone talk of differents aspects of me or of the human. Since the real aspect of a man, the cycle of life, the mask of a being and a classic old man of my city Bogotá; un “Cachaco”.

About the style, I didn’t have formal schools to learn techniques to draw, so sometime i don’t know what i do, like in the first sketch, where the pencil in me hand did what it wanted. But taking be example the celtic`s tree; is a inspiration of some old paints and myth text from that culture. The another one face that have big glasses was inspire of the idea of the masks that some one can have to don`t show itself to the anothers. The last one was a sketch for a short-film (EVOCARE), i illustrated some people of mi old city. And like dress to extras actors to a big film, I looked for the style of the “cachacos”, that by the way the are almost extinged.

I used some pencils and colors pencils to give the forms and tones to the images you see. And talking about the process, I usually take time while i make the paint or draw, to think in what i doing, and how that can influence on my life present.

When i make my job i try make that people say “is interesting” or “is strange”; to me is good to hear that and if i don’t get it, that means that i need to improve my work. I have learned that if you like your own job, is good, but if to the people like you job, is fantastic. The first part of this phrase is important, but the second part tell you that you can help to the anothers.

Marco Giuseppe Rincón Plazas

Empirical that dedicates his time to the surrealims, fantastic and science fiction arts; expressing them in literature, painting, music and especially in the author and experimental cinema. He has worked as an illustrator and has been a judge at school painting fairs.