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Book Covers

Book Covers

Ivana Josipovic
February 8, 2018

As a freelance designer, I have had the opportunity to work on many different platforms and to create several amazing book covers for different clients. It was mostly my illustration style mixed with hand-lettering that they liked that got me to these projects. I always try to make fun, a friendly and clean illustration depicting the theme of the book itself and follow the brief using illustrations.

Mostly following descriptions about the book itself. What was it about and tried to create a simple, whimsical, elegant graphic solutions. Most of my clients are woman who can relate to my art. I use a lot of 2d drawings, flowers, and clean colours.

First i make a handdrawn sketch. I scan it and then I use Ai Illustrator to make vector drawing and refine it. I love the most that handdrawn feel the illustrations has, and try to take very little intervensions and in Illusttrator.

People responder well and like my illustrative sensibility, although it is hard to keep this illustrative style and have lot of is just for people who fall in love with this, understand a bit more personal, artistic approach to a certain project rather then use of generic, stock photos and drawings used in pulishing a lot.

Ivana Josipovic

I am an illustrator / editorial designer / toy maker.
I love cats, dogs, chocolate, japanesse graphics, to imitate birds, to sew. I have worked in a small publishing agency, and in two magazines. A lot of freelancing during past few years

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