Book Dinosaurs

What would happen if we combine books and dinosaurs? Book dinosaurs, or Bookasaurus, is an art experiment combining books, dinosaurs and the joy of reading. It’s one of my recent portfolio pieces for the children’s book market. It is also selected for’s Curated Galleries.

This was originally created as a portfolio piece to appeal to the children’s book market. Dragons are a popular subject in children’s books so I decided to add some related art to my portfolio. I enjoy drawing animals and playing around with fun ideas, and books with dinosaurs make a interesting and contrasting combination.

I have been drawing in a simple and organic style with vibrant colors. I believe this color palette communicates a positive and lively feeling to the audience. šŸ™‚

I use Photoshop to create all my artworks from start to finish. After sketching the character designs on paper, I used a wacom cintique companion drawing tablet to bring the dinosaurs to life. I used relative little tools and layers: draw the solid shapes with one brush set, add details and color variations, then adding a layer mask for shadows.

Many people loved the fun idea and the cute dinosaurs! I learn the most about combining two seemly unrelated subjects into fun character designs. There’s also great joy and fulfillment in making others happy. Dinosaurs were one of my childhood favorite animals. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Bonnie Pang

Bonnie is an illustrator and comic artist who cares about the environment. Her works include visual development, book illustration and commercial illustration. She also write and draw the comics Roar Street Journal and MindBound.