BookYourPet by Digamber Singh

In 2015, a group of friends got together and founded BookYourPet. They love their pets, and they know you do too. Digamber Singh and his friends are building the most reliable and convenient way to book all of your pet care needs. Whether your poodle needs a haircut, your cat needs a place to stay, or your new puppy needs its first vet check-up, BookYourPet provides the easiest way to find and confirm all your pet needs. Based in San Francisco, California, BookYourPet is the most trusted community for pet lovers to discover and book amazing pet services. Their mission is to facilitate and connect pet lovers by offering a 24/7 platform for your companion’s needs. BookYourPet prides itself on supporting rescue organizations and local pet events.

When I got this project, I had one thing in my mind that people who love their pet they have emotions. So things became easy for me I started to describe love through colors and illustration. I am also a pet lover so I wanted to dedicate this project to my sweet little dog. My style is very simple I believe in good colours, perfect alignment and icons, which makes design beautiful. I am highly Inspired by Quovantis Technologies design methodology(Product based firm located in New Delhi, India). Specially Tarun Kohli CEO of the firm who has great sense of design who always says designing should be done with emotions.
-Digamber Singh

Digamber Singh

I always say to my fellow artist. It’s important that you give a great amount of time observing work done by good designers. Observe how they use of visual elements like colors, buttons, element alignment, icons, menus and typography. The one thing which is similar in all good designers is that they never compromise on simplicity. This learning process takes some time and patience. Start following people on Dribble & Behance and many more.
-Digamber Singh

About Digamber Singh

Digamber Singh is a UI/UX designer. He has a passion for pixel perfect designing, design modern web & mobile apps. Digamber have always kept an eye on the latest trends over typography, iconography, shapes, colours, etc. I have been working as a UI/UX designer for over 6 years, and have done lots of work over that time. My skills cover many aspects of product design, web design, illustration and technical knowledge. See more of his works on Behance or his website.