Boom, The Mighty BoomBall

Arjowiggins Graphic – paper maker- and Antalis – European leader in paper distribution – launch a campaign around the cocoon paper range and a “ revolutionary musical experience “ : « The mighty BoomBall », a portable , compact and powerful speaker. The particularity of this speaker is that the sound change depending on the surface where he is placed.

At that time, I was on an internship at Breadcollective, in London. We received at the agency, a Cocoon paper box with the speaker.
So I took charge to create the graphic design of this box.

The idea was that there had to be a real graphic universe. So I chose to focus on typography and play with it. I have take back one word of the name of the enclosure, “BOOM” to resume onomatopoeia.
My goal was to have a typography that refers to rhythm, to energy.

They was no constraint, that was pretty much a free project.
That a chance because I was able to experiment, do my research about different styles of typography.
I wanted above all to make this “illustrative typography” alive!
Then, I have tested several combinations of colors.
I also received advices and opinions from the BreadCollective team to improve the characters.

I’m very glad of this project, I could really have fun and this confirmed my taste for the illustrative typograghy!
It was an inspiring and enjoyable project. So, now I want to continue to exploring typography, colors, forms, shapes, pattern !

Feel free to contact me for any project !

Flavie Rouget