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Boom Collective

Mirco Colonna
September 6, 2016
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Identity and Website design work for London based engineering practice Boom Collective. The company - whose focus is on building performance and engineering design - sought a new identity that could outline their practice, philosophy, strong convictions and ambition. They needed a brand that could stand out, being recognizable and enduring but, above all, they needed a solid and fully responsive website which could act as platform to show their work and every day practice.

For Boom Collective, we wanted to create a simple and bold identity to contrast the complexity of their practice. Refusing any ornaments, superfluous graphics and colours we developed a clean identity design that allow to the engineering practice to be simply recognised. We built the logo around a simple yet bold wordmark underlied by a thick line. Two basic elements that create a system of relations reflecting the dynamic nature of boom collective business. The navy blue colour used for both the brand material and website aims to highlight the professionalism of the company.

Prior to design we always work on a concept/story to develop first; once we have this clear we then start the design phase which usually began with the logo design and the selection of typography and colour and ends with the design application of the identity to different communication pieces.
For this project we used the same approach.
We had a couple of meetings with Boom Collective's director Mike and James where we discussed the company aspiration, mission and goals. Together, we joined the conclusion that what Boom collective needed was a simple and bold visual language to stand out from the competitors and communicate things clearly. We have developed the whole identity with one idea in mind which was "simplify complexity". We have elaborated two basic elements and 1 colour to work with and applied this logic to the rest of the work.

The website we designed together with IBZ Consultant developers was giving total prominence to Boom Collective practice and work etic, featuring as its main characteristics an eye catching home page where we used the underscore line of the logo as loading bar, and an easy to access profile page where company mission statement and services are clearly defined and highlighted by an appropriate use of typography the drives attention on what really cares. Animated page transitions and effects have been carefully developed to ensure the user experience is intuitive and never boring. On a technical level, being programmed on the WordPress platform, the website is easy to manage and allows the client to have control of everything autonomously.

Clients loved the work done and we were happy about the outcome. There is always something to learn from every project you work on and persons you work with. In this case the lesson has been that it doesn't matter how challenging, complex or abstract a message or project could be, there is always a way to simplify things to make them easy to understand.

Mirco Colonna

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