Botica Natural

Botica Natural is a Peruvian brand that offers 100% organic and/or natural foods, handmade prepared with fresh, local and quality ingredients. The protagonists are the vegetable milks, suitable for consumption by vegetarians and vegans.
I was invited to create illustrations that would showcase these products on their social media networks.

The inspiration came from both jungle & desert flora of Peru, country I was exploring when I created this project. The idea was to put the vegetal milk in a scene with plants, patterns and geometric shapes to achieve a contrasting and playful result.

After making some sketches, I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to draw, color and add texture to the plants and all the other elements. Emulating handmade things on the computer might not look good sometimes, but it’s cool how in the end it looks like a collage even though I wasn’t going to this direction at the beginning.

I wasn’t expecting to receive any buzz from this project when I made it (I actually never do). I was just having fun doing it, experimenting new techniques and playing around. One day I opened my Behance profile and I had loads of notifications and then I realized I was in the curated Illustration gallery and it’s really gratifying. Also, it’s really surprising how not taking things so seriously sometimes can grab people’s attention.

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Eduardo Heideke

I’m a 26 yo graphic designer from Brazil.
My work is focused on graphic design and art direction projects for the fashion and beauty industry.