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Bounc by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Bounc by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Honey Adraque
July 4, 2015

Today's feature is about a real-time intelligence platform that combines Door Management Solutions along with detailed demographic analytics. It is called Bounc, designed by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera, a talented UX and UI designer. Take a look at these designs and be inspired. Enjoy!

Bounc is a real-time intelligence platform that combines Door Management Solutions, along with detailed demographic analytics. The brand was created under the concept of having full control of the database of many people through barcode scanning with identification cards in some countries and so to obtain data such as gender, age, frequency input in which a given location (events, nightclubs, etc.), any event that requires a service door, all in the palm of your hand, all this goes through this platform. Under these premises developed a logo that reflects technology innovation as well as order and fun. The logo not only all represents the above, represents strength,innovation, order and integrity.

- Christian Vizcarra Cabrera


About Christian Vizcarra Cabrera

Christian Vizcarra Cabrera, peruvian designer with experience in branding and identity systems and their implementation 360 and digital platforms. UX and UI designer with experience in developing digital frameworks, web design, mobile applications and management of digital projects. Always looking for new challenges, they can take their full potential and creativity, challenges that are unique from conception of the idea, to implementation and every detail that encompasses this. Currently working in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and works as a freelance with customers around the world, providing branding services and UX / UI, the idea of doing something unique and innovative is something that motivates him to venture to find new creative solutions. ¨The impossible becomes possible, from the moment you decide to do¨ - a simple advice from him. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or dribble.

2 comments on “Bounc by Christian Vizcarra Cabrera”

  1. Same as Ashraf, it's nicely done but the symbol might lower the popularity with the people. The fact that you say that it stands for strength and order, it gives it that more of a negative touch. Even tho it's been around longer than ww2, but some people just don't know that. On a softer note, very nice work!

  2. Very nice! pretty cool that u had nuff open minded client about the symbol of swastika. i so over the negative history that it carries since ww2... cos its really the most ancient of the symbols/ nicely done.

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