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–BOV / Branding for the library research project

–BOV / Branding for the library research project

Elena Donets
April 26, 2019
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-БОВ (-BOV) is a research project about the life and creation of the Russian literary critic, journalist, poet and revolutionary democrat Nikolay Dobrolyubov (1836–1861).
Nikolay Dobrolyubov was a very mysterious person. He lived only twenty-five years and this left a significant imprint on the number of testimonies about his life. Memories about Dobrolyubov are fragmentary and very brief. Dobrolyubov was a true polymath and his short life was full of literary activity. However, the critic never signed his real name. Instead, he briefly signed «-BOV». The purpose of this event is to explore the life of the Dobrolyubov and to open the veil of secrecy over this outstanding person.

An idea of the identity are "veils" that hide various elements and dynamically change their position, expanding and decreasing horizontally. The main elements of style are famous quotes from Dobrolyubov, for which Times New Roman was used, various photos of the speakers at the event, paintings of Dobrolyubov, and facts from his biography. For the logo of the event I chose Akzidenz-Grotesk, because it very well represents the bold character of the critic.

To create my project I used the Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Adobe InDesign. First of all, I had to understand what exactly my client wants as a result. Despite the fact that the concept of the event has changed several times and I made quite a few options, the essence of the project remained the same. It is an understatement, which, in my opinion, resonates perfectly with the life of Dobrolyubov. Thus, I transferred this idea into the graphic element, creating veils that are the basis of the identity.

That was my first real, not fictional work for the real client. It was a valuable experience, which taught me how to manage my time more efficiently and how to act when the project is not just for yourself and someone else is also controlling the process. Hard work had paid off – the project is a Finalist in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018 in Category Print / Graphic / Illustration.

Elena Donets

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