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Boxes, Type, Labels

Boxes, Type, Labels

Xiaofeng Lin
June 4, 2017
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I aimed to create a series of packages that demonstrated the concepts of paper folding and custom bilingual typography. These packages include ones for tea, take-out Chinese food, fortune cookies, jewelry, and fonts. I also experimented with different combinations of colors, shapes, font pairs, and types of paper.

I have always been a fan of paper boxes and packaging in general, and I like to play with custom fonts and apply them to different platforms / materials / fields. I tested a few different kinds of textured paper and try to use the original colors of the paper, not printing so much extra on it.

I used illustrator for designing the type, testing colors and making the shapes of the templates, and then I printed typographic designs on the selected paper. Finally I used a Silhouette machine to cut out the paper and glued it together with the tabs.

I received positive feedbacks from people on Behance, and the project was featured in the Graphic Design gallery. I think people are very interested to see the actual template designs and my thinking process, and it is easier for me to see potentials for improvements in that way also.

Xiaofeng Lin

Interaction Designer, Information Architect & Toy Maker.

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