Brand extension Juan Valdez Café

This creative proposal was made for the Juan Valdez Café brand. In the brief, the client wishes to present a new refreshing beverage, which breaks with the graphic line and established by the brand. For this reason, this concept transmits freshness and at the same time preserves the value of the brand.

This creative proposal is part of the vision that my client has. The main thing is to understand what the client wants and to start developing a creative process with an adequate color management, respecting the brand, but generating a visual impact that is pleasing to the target audience and the final client.

The best tool for this type of project is adobe photoshop. This advertising campaign was created from scratch and to develop it I started by defining the name of the brand.
“Macondo” refers to the town where the book “Cien Años de Soledad” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is developed. For this reason, the name is used as a reference for a Colombian drink that seeks to be recognized in the contrie.

Authenticity and the recognition of the word “Macondo” generated in people an insight. Apart from favoring the brand, generates joy when we see how references of literature becomes a product that is part of the authenticity of the country.

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felipe jiménez urrutia

I am a graphic designer of the city of Medellin, Colombia. I like the details of each project I do.

I think that the best way to set goals is through passion and a calm and relaxed way of looking at life.