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Brand Guidlines

Brand Guidlines

Marco Priore
November 24, 2020

the project initially consisted of selecting an emotion to taste and indicating what were the things that we believe represent that emotion. subsequently it was necessary to create a logo and a logotype to graphically represent this emotion and what it means for us.

first of all I threw down the initial ideas for my logo on a piece of paper. Then I skimmed what in my opinion could be the most suitable logo, and once chosen, I reproduced it in vector through the illustraor software. Once the logo was developed, I made an analysis of what the logotype was, i.e. the textual part of the logo. Once I had chosen the logotype, all I had to do was present the finished project through a presentation that illustrates everything my creative path has been.

Pencils, paper sheets.
Software: Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe font and Adobe colore. I use Adobe illustrator to transform my rough in a digital rough, and to create the final branding guidelines. Trough this software I also choose the colors and generally I did the biggest part of the work. I use adobe Photoshop to place my logo and my logotype on a mockup.

Of course. Every suggestion that people give to me is out every project, whether they are positive or negative will always help me grow. Before sharing the final work, I usually compare myself with all the problems that could be born on my work and which not.

Marco Priore

Hi Marco and I’m a graphic designer junior. I love the creative world and the people work in. I can’t wait to share ideas and suggestions with all of you.

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