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BRAND NEW SANSUHWA SERIES : the reinterpretation of Korean Landscape paintings

BRAND NEW SANSUHWA SERIES : the reinterpretation of Korean Landscape paintings

October 30, 2019

The illustration and patterns on these products(pottery) are inspired by Sansuhwa, Korean landscape paintings in Joseon Dynasty. Sansuhwa is a kind of Korean landscape painting that shows the beauty of nature - mountains, water trees and rocks. I reinterpreted the element of those beautiful paintings and tried to bring that beauty to everyday object.

I am focusing on the beautiful forms of everyone’s lives and trying to inherit the heritage through the reinterpretation of Korean traditional art and culture from a modern viewpoint. My designs utilise stylised elements from Korean Landscape paintings to create modern visual style that draw on Korean heritage and tradition. During my production process I use an underglaze black printing technique before products go into the kiln. While firing, the colour deepens, bringing these unique and fresh designs to life.

1. idea sketch (Search for artifacts and monuments in museums and libraries and also visit some historic sites)
2. mock-up : using illustrator or photoshop tool and illustrate details
3. molding & castings : making specific shape of pottery
4. underglaze : kind of black painting
5. glaze
6. bake in a kiln

Recently, The National Museum of Korea presented the special exhibition, Through the Eyes of Joseon Painters: Real Scenery Landscapes of Korea featuring real-view landscape painting (實景山水畵, silgyeong sansuhwa) from the Joseon Dynasty, Jul-23-2019 to Sep-22-2019. It was such a great pleasure that I had a chance to introduce my project and sell some products related to the special exhibition in that significant place, National Museum of Korea.
During this special period, people were so interested in my project and gave lots of good feedback about the products.
It means a lot to me.

I hope to make valuable products which have beautiful appearances representing the past and the present of Korean traditional arts and crafts. I do hope you enjoy my current activities and upcoming projects.


Born in Seoul, South Korea.
Seoul based Living Brand 'sorosi' Founder & Designer

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