Branding the Grand Budapest Hotel

Branding the Grand Budapest hotel is my attempt to make the identity and the branding of a fictional place, but that has its own history. I decided to pick the GB Hotel because I am so fascinated by Wes Anderson work in general and by the props of that movie made by Annie Atkins. Other than making a realistic branding, showing how graphic can make something feel real even if its not, I wanted to make fun of all those branding projects that designers make copying others works, following the same aesthetic with the same style.

Inspirations come from 1930s postcards, german prints, advertisements and of course, from the original script of the movie. Then I presented the work like a designer of this generation would do, copying the aesthetic of Behance projects. This is why the work feels real even if its not.

Each detail follows the techniques and the tools used in that time, from the signature of Gustave, made with a stylographic pen, to the text, written using a mechanical typewriter.The basic layouts and photos are made using illustrator and photoshop and then printed on old papers to get the right texture and feel. Then I added details like signatures, dates and numbers using real tools.

I knew that many people loved the GB Hotel (designers love Wes Anderson in general), but didn’t know how they would have reacted to this project. The response has been so great: the project got featured on the best design websites and I got so many messages from all over the world.

Andrea Bianchi