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p a b l oº is my last project which was created in one week of hard work and shows the exploration of my new visual style. Every designer is trying new things always, and you should too. We as creatives have the opportunity to explore every little thing we want, therefore getting more information and knowledge. Hope you like it.

The first thing i did was to define what i wanted to create, and why. I needed to have a personal brand to show myself and make a summary of my works and visual identity at the moment. Also, i love to create and make new things every time i can.

The style has a bit of everything i liked in the last few years. From the colors to the pure shapes. I love to compose structures with geometric shapes and clean backgrounds. I got inspiration from some vanguards like Russian Constructivism and Suprematism. My advice is to always embody knowledge, to read, to look, to contemplate. Art is full of inspirations, and if your work is backed by a concept, the final work will be better.

I used illustrator, photoshop, and for the prototyping of the website invision app. First i started with some sketches of my brand. I looked for a way to conceptually identify myself with a brand. From there, it was easy. Once you have the colors, the visual cues, and the basics of your identity, you can start making all the pieces. The last thing i did was the website. At the end i made the illustration you see in the homepage.

The last thing to do is to develop the website and print the business cards, the envelopes and the letterheads.

I upload the project a couple of days ago and the response was amazing. I am very pleased. Everyday we learn something new. I learnt that with dedication everything is possible. I learnt that creatives should and need to view new things everyday.

Study and read, look for artists and designers, enrich yourself with things.

Pablo Monachese

I’m Pablo Monachese, a human being who doubt about everyhing.
I got a degree in graphic design, and i’m actually dedicating to art direction. I’m always learning new things, techniques, visual styles.

You can check my works and aesthetics by entering my website.

Bye 😀