Brief Encounter

Last week I met the lovely Nina for a quick test shooting. She looked amazing, and we created a set of simple yet powerful images based on her natural beauty. We had just connect via social networks and instantly I fell in love with her profile. I was so she agreed on being my model for a couple hours!

I work with my instinct. As I work, I’m creating the images in my mind, and then, obviously, with the camera. I really like the idea of travel, of moving, of not being able to stay in the same place for a very long period of time, so I thought that a train station would be perfect; there’s always so many people arriving and leaving. It’s an amazing atmosphere.

I used my camera, Nikon D7000, and a little Photoshop and Lightroom to create the analog effect (sorry guys, but film is very expensive and I’m currently working on a Polaroid project that is costing me a lot!). Usually I don’t do lots of editing in my images, just something basic to get some things a bit closer to perfection.

I’ve been having great feedback. I think this kind of rare beauty is really what my audience wants to see; more model, something that reflects simplicity on the production and a complex thought on the creation of the images. In this project, I could understand that I tend to risk a bit more every time I grab my camera, which is something that makes me really proud.

Margarida Cautela

Fashion & Portrait Photographer

Based in Lisbon, PT