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Bus Station Wayfinding System

Bus Station Wayfinding System

Pranav Shinde
October 14, 2017
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A classroom project on taking a space, redefining and restructuring it in terms of the area, signage, and mapping. So the place I took was, Swargate Bus Station, the busiest one that Pune has. It was a very tough task as there was no existing system as to how the passengers move about and how the buses ply. Sorting out the system and making it visually appealing at the same time was a difficult task.

Starting with the choosing of the topic, the main agenda was to solve a problem that people face from day to day without looking at the main cause of it. The style for the signage started with the designing of the structure. The form is basically inspired that from a curve that of a bus top, the colours are specified according to the 3 different types of buses that ply around the state, i.e Violet, Red and Blue respectively.The material had to be thought out with caution as the signages are outdoor and face the heavy impact of the atmosphere.

Starting with the concept, the basic form explorations were made on my notepad, after which they were digitalised in Adobe Illustrator. Starting with basic structure of the form, I tried using different visual elements to make the signage look better visually.

Overall, the feedback that I received from the people who saw this project was positive, they thought the solution that I had proposed in terms of the system, as well as the wayfinding, would be appropriate. People had some suggestions regarding the placement and orientation of the signages, but was cleared out later. I myself learnt a lot about how a system works, the research that goes behind into making a system work, how signages are perceived and how people of different stratas of society respond to them. Overall a very good learning experience.

Pranav Shinde

A Graphic Design student at MIT Institute of Design, Pune, India. An inquisitive person, I love exploring new things. Particularly interested in Branding and Photography.

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