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December 20, 2019
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Cablette provides holding electric cables organized in a pre-defined area. This product eliminates the disturbance view of tangled and unorganized cables, colorfully, aesthetically and practically. This product has a distinctive design solution that distinguishes it from the other cable organizer solutions in the market. Thanks to its hanger, it is possible to hang it everywhere. Pins and the edge of the holes are designed and located to hold the cable stationary and identifies how the cable should be placed.

It designed to get rid of the tangled and eye-disturbing view of cables practically in a unique and optimum placement preference. Inspired by old compact cassettes, which can hold large amounts of tape in a smaller area. A scale with different colors was determined for the product to color the working areas.

The process started with sketches and then finalized with 3D models and visualizations in several 2D and 3D software. Studies were carried out on the model and prototype on cable lengths and shortening ratios. After that the modeling process was quick because the model was simple.

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, Cablette was honored in International Design Award 2018 with a gold award in Other Products Designs Category. We received feedback that it is ideal for offices and common work areas. Color options are said to be interesting.

The maximum dimensions of the product without hanger is 210x105x186 mm.

DESIGNNOBIS, founded in 2006 under the leadership of Dr.Hakan Gürsu, METU Industrial Product Design Faculty, continues its work in Ankara. Product development and product design in the national and often promise a pleasant design center named in international media, it was founded with the understanding that this is a team game of the design process since, in International Design Awards, an international platform such as Green Dot Awards ‘Design Oscars’ as is included in the prize known about 203 design awards bring our country to continue to spread the Turkish brand in the global markets.

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