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Sehaj Singh Deo
June 24, 2019
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I was responsible for this project of doing a strategy & designing a branding image for a famous music producer from Montreal, who goes by his stage name 'CACTI'. This branding image would be used everywhere in his concerts/ events and would be representing him through the following years. We are planning more branding strategies after this successful collaboration.

Everything has been created from scratch. The multiple photo manipulations were shot & then integrated into the final image:

I was inspired by my client's name. I wanted to make sure the branding image revolves around his name and the identity he carries for his concerts/ events. Because his stage name is CACTI, I wanted to imagine him as a leader of the cactus ecosystem, like a king. After that big idea of imagining him as the king of the cactus ecosystem, everything automatically fell into place together. For the colour, the project was graded as if the whole scenario is taking place in an actual desert.

First, for getting the individual elements, I shot everything in my studio. Then I used Adobe Lightroom to first colour correct and do the basic editing. After that, I imported each element into Adobe Photoshop to colour grade and blend in everything together. Mainly I used perspective tool to make everything look on the same plane, level settings to make the elements on the z-axis look close or far and finally selective colour for colour grading.

The project hasn't been released yet as the client's website is still in progress, which once completed, the project would be released on it. But the Client loved it, and we showed it to some close friends who also received it with the same enthusiasm. We already are in talks to work on further projects.

Sehaj Singh Deo

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