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Cadiz Branding

Cadiz Branding

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June 2, 2016

Cadiz is a brand for Fresh eggs and Chicken meat by graphic designer Farshad Areffar. This brand will be produced in Iran and will be exported to Iraq and some neighbor country beside Iran.

I made a lots of sketch on the paper and some versions of them in illustrator and Photoshop. I've always do some sketches on the paper, actually I can't design especially logo without sketching! then I tick beside some of them that I think it's better than the others, so I try to make them in into the graphic software like Illustrator and Photoshop. for me it's easy to make a logo in Photoshop than Illustrator, some designer are just opposite of this way. All of these logo that I made was based like the final one, they had some mistake on implementation though. I like the final version, I like the color. I've always try to have clean logo.
Logos would be better to have same thickness. I don't like those logos that have different thick and logos shouldn't have rule for layouts of the company name or the titles. It's really based on the taste of yours. All of them it's not the rules but Saul Bass says about sketching and drawing "Learn to draw. If you don’t, you’re gonna live your life getting around that, and trying to compensate for that…. It’s a crippling absence. The unfortunate thing is, you can get by without it, and you can even get a job and move to a certain point, but then, when you realize that you really wish you knew how to draw, it’s too late. Because you’ll never go back to school. You’ll never have the discipline to take a night class. And you can’t afford the drop in salary anymore: you’ve geared your life to that money and you’re finished. You’re never gonna learn how to draw. Isn’t that awful?"

I've always show my works to other trusted designer and friends and also I put the project on the Behance website in the Work In Progress section before release. I had some comments about how would it be better if I do something that others say about it and that was really helpful. I made some changes but those comments that I think was logical. I don't have shame to ask other to criticism my works, I can decide to do or not do. Sometimes other people tell you something about the job that you have done but you didn't notice that! I think its better to correct them before the release because when the logo goes out, can't do anything anymore.

About Farshad Aref-far

Farshad Aref-far was born in Shiraz, Iran on 1983. He was very excited about drawing or painting since he was a kid, it was his hobby because his uncles were Oil Painter, they had a lots of painting hanging on the wall, since then he've been interested in graphic and have always tried to do everything or to be who he is now. He has been working in the Advertisement industry since 1999. He doesn't have high educational degree but have lots of experiences in these years and a lots of those to come. He's a freelancer and have a part job in a advertising agency called "esparak" as an Art Director - the best Advertising Agency in our city. His dream is to work all around the world and improve his career.

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  1. This is a great branding design! I love how the graphics were made. I love the color and design. Keep up the good work!

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