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Low Poly Sports Calendar by Huggo Sousa

Low Poly Sports Calendar by Huggo Sousa

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June 24, 2015
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Low Poly is all the rage right now. You might not know what it means, but you must've seen the style. Basically, Low Poly are simple geometric shapes placed side-by-side to create angular, often minimalist, compositions. The “poly” from low poly comes from the word “polygon,” which is merely a 2-dimensional shape made of straight lines and angles. See more of Huggo Sousa's Low Poly Art below.

I did my calendar in 2014 to the end of the school year of work. At that time, I was the best and soon after got a job as a graphic designer. I did a lot of research on illustration and that captivated me most was the low poly. Then sought inspiration in designers as Paul Daouard and Breno Bitencourt two great artists in the field of geometrization. As I was doing my project, I wanted to give it a personal touch and give the best of me.
-Huggo Sousa


The design has always been present in my life. Since my childhood, I liked to draw and build things with various objects. I took the course of graphic designer and I am now working as a designer and illustrator.
-Huggo Sousa



Whenever I create some like thing to inspire me in great artists. My major search engine is undoubtedly the behance. It is and always will be a great reference for me. I also like to show that I have a unique style and try to differentiate all the work I do. Never create something if your heart's not into it. Design comes from you love to do.
-Huggo Sousa


Hugo Sousa is a graphic designer and illustrator. Ever since he was small he has been always fascinated with design and colors. He likes practicing his technique every day and share what he does with the rest of the world. According to Hugo, "Simply, I breathe design!". See more of his work at Behance.

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