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California City Photography X

California City Photography X

Brian Wangenheim
December 28, 2019
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California City photography at Central Park in California City has been a frequent place for me to enjoy nature and take photography. I usually go to enjoy nature and photography comes second hand to soaking everything in. Lately I have tried to focus more on the subjects in my photography not so much getting caught up in having or using the best camera. So for these photos I just used my iPhone to take the photos, mostly focusing on what was being captured, not so much as what is capturing the subjects...

I always come to this park but I wanted to be super casual as to my approach and blend in with my surroundings, that is why I used my camera phone. I have also used my Fujifilm XT3 here and Canon Rebel T6, but not this time. The edits made a big difference in the photos, that was completed in Adobe Photoshop Lighroom Classic. I was trying to go for a raw and rock n roll style.

iPhone S was used along with edits in Adobe Lightroom. I just took a photograph in a very observant style as I stopped here and there throughout central park in California City, CA. It was like shooting with film. Taking only a few photos for the time I was there.

My wife has enjoyed my photos and the people that view them enjoy them as well. I learned that photography doesn't matter what camera you have, what matters is knowing how to use whatever you work with. Art can be created with anything, it just requires practice and passion.

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Brian Wangenheim

Brian Joseph Wangenheim is a multi-talented artist with skills in photography, web design, print design, SEO, marketing, video production and creative projects.
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