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Callejon Central Restaurant in Guadalajara Mexico

Callejon Central Restaurant in Guadalajara Mexico

Laura Meilon
February 21, 2018
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These photographs are simply the result of a real culinary experience in this place. My intention was to capture the experience that exists there when tasting their creations in such a pleasant place. Everything always fresh and with a very interesting proposal. That's exactly what the owners of the place wanted to show in these photographs. The warmth and good vibes that characterize the environment here. Always fresh ingredients and exotic flavors accompanied by a very good taste in the assembly of the dishes.

I just showed the real experience. I did not need to do a long scoting or pre production. I just talked to the chef and the cooks and asked them to make their best version of the dishes they offer every day.

I did not need anything more than my camera and natural light, I used a ladder and my ultra-bright 50 mm lens.

Just my Camera, my 50 mm lens and Photoshop for post production.

At that time I searched for the best spot of natural light in the place (which has a natural light quite pleasant in the day) I prepared my staircase and go, it was all. I really enjoy doing this type of photography where I do not have to show anything that is not real, I mean to capture the real experience of the moment.

The result in these photographs was very pleasant because we managed to capture what was sought, natural colors and real textures, especially because we did not need to show more, since the place and the food alone is quite pleasant.

Laura Meilon

Mexican Photographer

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