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Canil do Santin

Canil do Santin

Juan Duarte
September 11, 2018
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"Canil do Santin" it's a kennel created and administrated by Santin Negretti, that rescue abandoned dogs and properly care them to a good health. This project is a voluntary collaboration with the objective to help with the divulgation to raise funds for the kennel.

First of all, in the sketch, comes up the idea to representate, obviously, the dog, but when I did some draws and schemes, I noticed that this kind of specific representation more "cartoon", make the mark look like a pet shop logo. In other perspective, I tried to start the construction of a simple mark and the combination with a font, structure that unfortunately i didn't like either. After a lot of tests and more sketches, finally I reach the solution, that was the intersection of this two thresholds: A simple mark that inspires the shape of a dog, united with a exclusively font made to fit with perfection in the overall logotype. The choice of the color was a very simple palette of colors inspirated by the usual color of the street dogs: brown, orange and yellow. The tone more saturated is to make the mark more vivid e hopefull, than serious and nihilist.

Usually I work 99% with pencil and paper and 1% with softwares. Obviously a lot of thing changes in the "digital" step, but my dynamic of work it's about to plan all the little specific things in the paper, planning and changing all that I don't like and testing the possibilites, and just when I got pleased with the results, I go to my desktop.

I really don't want to please me telling all the good stuff that people tell to me, but, in my work i really aprecciate to pick up suggestions and opinions during the "work in progress", because I understand that a consistent mark, can be universally understood and likeable. A lot of ideas of "lay people" help a lot in my work.

I know that no one likes to work for free, but a lot of people does work for free in initiatives that impact a lot on our society, and design can help this projects to reach a lot more people.

Juan Duarte

Sou estudante autodidata de design há 5 anos, período onde permeei diversas áreas da comunicação visual, de ilustração a vídeo. Adquiri vasta habilidade em diversos softwares gráficos e um repertório cheio de ideias, sendo isso possível graças a uma mente que sempre deixei aberta para novos conhecimentos e experiências. O meu maior objetivo como designer é fazer com que mensagens e iniciativas importantes sejam acessíveis universalmente.

I have been a self-taught student of design for 5 years, period that i've been through many areas of visual communication, from illustration to video, from visual identity to editorial design, etc. I acquired skills in many graphic softwares and a repertoire full of ideas, being that possible thanks to a mind that i always let open to new thoughts and experiences. My main goal as a designer it's to make important ideas and initiatives accessible to everyone.

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