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Capilla San Jacinto

Capilla San Jacinto

Saul Ocampo
June 8, 2022
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In the neighborhood of Tonala, Jalisco, a request is made to develop a project for a Christian chapel. The main concept was to bury the chapel in order to isolate the noise from the outside and surround the chapel with vegetation to create a cool and quiet environment for the believers.

I decided to make a contemporary chapel but using a stone for the construction that resembles the color of baked clay that is famous in the area for being used by artisans to create pots among other things. On the upper floor there is a contemplation area. The chapel is full of natural light with a subtle set of light entrances through the roof

For this project, the conceptualization stage began with sketches by hand, then I made the plans in AutoCad, the model was made in Sketchup, the renders were made with V-Ray for Sketchup and finally I did post production work

It was a good experience, first because I had never done something similar and I realized that there are many possibilities to make chapels.

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Saul Ocampo

Soy Arquitecto egresado de la U. de G.
Tengo un estudio: SIO Diseño Integral, especializado en arquitectura, interiorismo y paisajismo.
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