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Car Parts by Oskar Kosinski

Car Parts by Oskar Kosinski

Honey Adraque
September 17, 2015
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The "Car Parts" started as commercial work, for a typography project that Oskar Kosinski was supposed to create in collaboration with a fellow artist. Unfortunately the project was dropped so it ended up as his personal work and turned out to be great modelling practice and a fun way to experiment with rendering techniques. Read on and enjoy!

The parts were modeled in Maya and rendered in Keyshot. I think Keyshot is a nice introduction to the art of rendering. Yes, it's very simplified and sometimes limiting, but I wanted to check how much can be "squeezed" out of it. To help it out a little I used HDR Light Studio for lighting.

- Oskar Kosinski


What's interesting about this project is that I have done some of the texturing during post work in Photoshop is a lot of that technique was used on the Piston model. (Didn't know how to use UV mapping at the time)

- Oskar Kosinski


All the parts are captured in a studio environment, but each one is rendered in a slightly different style.The use of contrasting and complimenting colors, careful positioning of lights capturing all the forms and details in the model, the textures and simplicity in composition - are all important factors that make these images pop. They are pleasing to the eye and have a strong sense of realism. At the end that's what I was trying to achieve. Turn something rather dull in to an interesting and good looking image.

- Oskar Kosinski


About Oskar Kosinski

Oskar Kosinski is an Automotive & Industrial Design graduate from Coventry University, UK. Currently lives in Warsaw, Poland where he works at a creative agency. He is an aspiring 3d artist and is available for freelance projects after hours. Oskar is also a passionate photographer specialising in the automotive field. You can find more of his work on Behance or his personal blog.

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