Caramel Loves Chocolate

Caramel Loves Chocolate is one of our personal projects we have been working on for some while now. It’s about fluid dynamics, about color, about taste…about chocolate and caramel in a loving embrace ? Everything was created in 3D and sculpted in Mudbox. Lighting was done in HDRLight Studio and rendered with Mental Ray.

Thanks for watching!

It was an idea that came to me when I was thinking about what cool things you could do with combining fluids and characterdesign. I didn’t just want to create some silly splash with no meaning: I wanted to create something that had more layers to the dynamic between chocolate and caramel. They work together when eating but also have a certain emotional feel to most people. Combining this with two characters in a loving embrace strengthened the idea a lot.

After a bit of sketching and brainstorming, we started working on the project and it came out great!

We used Maya to create the base model and did all the fine detail sculpting within Mudbox. Once this was done, it was important to get all the material shading done and make sure the conveyed the appropriate warm and translucent feel. The cookie was texture painted based on actually photographed cookie material.

After that we lighted the whole scene in HDR LightStudio and rendered the whole scene in various passes.

Finally we brought the imageto post and did some color grading, etc to finish it.

People have responded very well to the project and seem to love the idea we came up with!

We learned a lot about the material and physical feel of chocolate and caramel and how to get it right. We also spenta lot of time on getting the character models just right, since the emotion they show is really important to the image.

Fedde Souverein

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