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Cardazine - Explore

Tonia Gao
March 5, 2018
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A Kickstarter project illustrating a deck of cards. EXPLORE helps you imagine your next holiday. The deck showcases 52 popular destinations in amazing illustrations you can proudly share. Each destination is carefully reviewed and hand picked by our team to give you just the best.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC on Bicycle stock with Magic finish.

The project manger - Harris Soetikno - came up with the idea following his interest in custom designer card decks and entrepreneur assets to come up with a kickstarter project.

Colours and initial design concept were created by Daniel Haire.

Adobe Illustrator.
Each city was carefully chosen and assigned to a number/suite. Using vectors to showcase the prominent buildings, architecture and landscapes that make the city what it is.
A lot of research was used when crafting the content for each card. Once a list of prominent architecture and landscapes were chosen for the city, they were recreated using vectors in Adobe Illustrator to create a simplified look. Working with a carefully selected Pantone colour palette and standard line weights, each design was painstakingly reviewed over and over until consistency was reached across the deck.

There was a lot of interest generated from the project. I was brought on after the initial Kickstarter campaign failed to finish the rest of the deck. I made each numbered card for all 4 suites and my knowledge of cities, architectural design and passion for vectors grew.
I was involved with creating content for the Kickstarter campaign and I was taught a lot about the internal work and processes involved with every aspect of starting a design project from initiation to execution.

Hope you love the work!

Tonia Gao

Designer. Maker. Creater.

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