Carla Pagano – Street Couture

Carla Pagano is an Italian fashion designer, patternmaker and dressmaker based in Denia, Spain.

Her new logo and graphic identity are based on her style and lifestyle: elegance, style and class, on being Italian.
Although the new payoff seems to add a more “easier” mood, its concept is the opposite: the elegance is everywhere, even in the streets, even where you do not expect it. Everything is elegance, if you want.

All the project is focused on elegance and femininity, the fonts used, their combinations and all of their details are handly modified, combined with the gold details are there to enhance the elegance, the style and the class the brand wants to transmit.

All of the branding process has been developed with Adobe Illustrator, from the font pairing and fixings, until all of the modifications to each and small typographic detail.
The mockups and the golden effect have been made with Adobe Photoshop, as always.

From this project I learned, more than I already knew, that no detail can be left up to chance, you have to take care of every small particular of your graphical/typographical composition, even if you do not believe it would make a big difference, it will.

I had so much fun working on this project. 🙂

Pasquale Laudando

CurrentIy I work as senior designer at Io Design Agency, in Denia, Spain, but I still also work as a freelance.

I love minimal graphics, icons and bright colors.
I start from the client ideas, and work with them, until we are both super-satisfied with the final result.

I am a branding specialist.