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Carol Quina Branding

Carol Quina Branding

Agathe Boudin
June 7, 2016
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The brief asked to create a branding work for Carol Machine, a freelancer Makeup Artist from Lisbon - (RTP ) who specializes in - Cinema. She needed something fresh, clean, shocking and represents the real Carol.

I began to collect photographic/textures stuff and editing in Adobe Photoshop. Then I started to study the text compositions to Logo in Adobe InDesign, draw the frames in the Adobe Illustrator and finally put it all together. The pattern made in photoshop too.

People responded very positively. In any project I learn new things, but mainly that any identity need not be so simple, can be used various solutions without losing all identity. For example as various images to convey the same logo, make patterns, make more applications...

About Leonor Cunha

Leonor Cunha is a 22-year-old Freelancer Graphic / Textile Designer and illustrator from Porto, Portugal. She have a personal illustration project - "ELLEONOR" (which you can check in her fFacebook page). Leonor is obsessed with lines, layout, textures and patterns ♥

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