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Casa Amorada, México

Casa Amorada, México

Espacio Magenta
May 24, 2018
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House with a contemporary style, in Santiago N.L., México that includes 3 rooms with its dressing room, living room, dining room, cinema room, studio, etc. It was sought that the house was low in maintenance using technological devices. A study about predominant sun and wind was done to optimize nature illumination and interior temperature without climatization systems.

Designed by Ing. Rafael González and Arq. Rodolfo Mercado has a surface of 450 m2 of construction. Was build with teh help of a study about predominant sun and wind was done to optimize nature ilumination and interior temperature without climatization systems.

As our other projects we always want something unique for each of our clients. Casa Amorada is one of the biggest projects of Espacio Magenta, we are very proud of it. We use the same tool as others but what makes us different is the heart we put in every sketch, render, etc.

We are very proud of this project, and although it was made for a specific client, people always respond favorably, they like the design, the materials and the distribution. We learned to combine nature and technology to use them in favor of a great design with a lot of style.

Espacio Magenta

Architecture / Monterrey, MX
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