The house in el suspiro is a project made by LJD Arquitectura for a local designer in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Who by the nature of his trade, required an emblematic space where he could reflect himself and his profession, a place not too big but with an eloquently solved architectural program instead, a very defined volume that will cause a contrast next to other houses as well as the basic needs of a common house.

We (the LJD team) believe that simple volumes and shapes have an intense meaning and can be a powerful tool in terms of language and architectural communication if they are used the right way. In this case the substraction of volumes and the orientation are the key and the answer to a nice facade that even the neighbours will enjoy.

The first step was to trace the architectural plans in autocad without forgetting the orientation and the type of design that we wanted to reach to later raise a three-dimensional model in the same program that would be imported in 3dsmax to be studied it slowly.

The lighting plays an important role as it enhances the finishes of the facades and hidden spaces so we generated a complete environment to simulate the place were the project was going to be at the end, this gives you a complete picture where you can make desitions to enhance the project.

We’re almost there! When you have the complete scene the project is not finished yet, but this is where you can play with the volume and materials, add some solids, substract some others, try including some warm spot lights and direct floor lamps never forgeting the concept you came with at first sight which is your guide, set the best perspective you can get from your creation and push RENDER! If the result isn’t what you expected try to check all vray settings and don’t forget to always have a tutor who can give you advise.

Remember, a great render always comes along with a great project.

The render was set in 3dsmax and rendered with Vray, post-production (color correction) in Adobe Photoshop.

We learned to simplify, that substraction works better than addition sometimes, and that making architectural projects for designers have always great results maybe because they’re always opened to the new, and they’re not afraid to innovate, so we should teach this to the world from now on.

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Luis J. Dominguez

Mexican born in the United States, my passion is to plan and develope architectural spaces based in a philosophy of innovation and service.

I started my career performing renders, web pages and designs for companies of all types while studying the career of architecture. Once I obtained my degree, I began to build houses, restaurants, art galleries, cottages, buildings, parks and public spaces independently.

Today I manage an architecture studio located in the city of Puebla, Mex. Where we make designs of all kinds, from houses and commercial buildings to condominiums and urban parks following the same philosophy as in the beginning.