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Cat Couture by Jason Mc Groarty

Cat Couture by Jason Mc Groarty

Honey Adraque
March 22, 2015

Cat lover? Well, today's feature is about a cat who was diagnosed with Feline Leukimia which means she is unable to play outdoor in case she falls ill or spreads the virus to the other cats. However, this doesn't appeal to be a hindrance to being a lively and a happy cat. This cat's name is Hummus who is owned by an Irish photographer, Jason Mc Groarty. Read on and be amazed on how she strikes pose in every shoot that her owner takes of her. Enjoy!

Hummus was born on December 2007 in a foster home in Convoy, County Donegal, Ireland. She spent most of her time surrounded by the older cats of the home and was the last kitten to be adopted, she was the runt of the litter. She was adopted at 3 months and a few years later her health began to deteriorate, she lost a lot of weight and was tired all the time. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus which meant that she was no longer able to play with the other cats in our neighborhood in case she might spread the virus to other cats or fall ill as a result.

- Jason Mc Groarty

Frida Hummy

However, the virus hasn't really effected her quality of life, she leads a very nice life and she is very healthy. She chases her toys & teddies around the house all day and she loves all the attention!

- Jason Mc Groarty

Geisha Hummy

I have recently decided to breach the area of fashion photography which requires models, makeup, studios and stylists on demand. However, I do not have access to these facilities all the time, so I did what any normal person would do................I dressed my cat up like a total fashion diva and started taking awesome fashion portraits!

- Jason Mc Groarty

Punk Glam Hummy

She is the best model to work with, however she does have demands......copious amounts of cat treats in fact. The hardest part is deciding on a style and designing the costumes for each shot.

- Jason Mc Groarty

Queen Hummy

Creating the costumes for each shoot varies, sometimes I use clothes already made and just alter them with pins and clips so as that they fit the form of Hummus's body, and on other shots I will draft, design and create a costume from scratch. Each look is inspired by various factors such as fashion trends, works of art, films, stories, etc. Every week I set up our little cat sized photography studio in our home and with the help of my partner Karen, we get Hummus ready for her shoot! We have a lot of fun throughout the process, it has brought us even closer together and we wont be stopping soon as I have so many amazing photographs drafted to shoot!

- Jason Mc Groarty

Vampire Hummy

About Jason Mc Groarty

Jason McGroarty is a 22 year old photographic artist from Donegal, Ireland. He fell in love with photography after being introduced to a friend's old Nikon film camera in 2012. He knew almost instantly that this photography would be his chosen medium of expression and profession. He is a self taught and does devote almost every day in his life to improving his knowledge and skills as it has almost become an obsession. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile, facebook page, or website.

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  1. WOW. That last one is perfectly staged and posed for. What a great cat to allow you to do all of these things to it :)

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