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Ceramic Teapot

Ceramic Teapot

Michelle Sredni
April 3, 2019
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Is a ceramic teapot with a salmon color. It was made at the first semester of the career.
Is a unique piece with a geometrical form style.
I made it thinking of a product I could gift for my mom and grandmother.

The idea came from a reference in the internet, a aqua teapot with a geometric form style. I really liked geometric style profucts becausd they look simple, clear and minimanist. So, I used that style for the making of my teapot

I didn’t use any software, I did everything manual. The process for the making of this teapot began with a sketch of the design. Then I made a model of the design using cast, so I can make a mold of the model with cast. After that, I pured liquid ceramic in the mold so the piece can be made. I had to wait a few days so the ceramic can dry and later paint it so it will be puted inside of a ceramic oven.

Evryone loved it! I was really happy with the final results. I learned how to make and industrial ceramic piece, have a lot of patience, be very careful with details and count everything in the process. Also, I learned from my profesor because he used to work making ceramic toilets in American Standard, so he always talked something he learned when he used to work there.

This is one of my favorite projects

Michelle Sredni

Industrial designer
From Colombia but living in Costa Rica

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