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CGI - São Paulo City

CGI - São Paulo City

Oak White
August 3, 2021
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Design inspired by the streets of São Paulo.

Inspired by this chill that we are living in SP, we made this art that portrays the main streets of SAMPA!! Tell me here, which street in SP does this render remind you?

Software: 3dsmax | Corona Render | Photoshop

"It took me more than 18 hours to build this scene, from conception to final result, and something precious I learned is that the more you dedicate yourself to something, the more you will get a better result, the more your audience will love yours. result."

Oak White

Created by Leonardo Albuquerque (Building technician, 3D Artist and majoring in architecture) on June 13, 2020. In Brazil.

Our purpose is to make quality architecture more accessible to everyone, wherever they are, whoever they want them to be, regardless of race, belief, gender, financial condition, age, or style.

Our cause Improves the quality of housing for all Brazilians, bringing comfort, adaptability, and safety to all human housing environments.

we exist to transform people's conceptions, give them access, and satisfy their expectations regarding architecture. To be the difference that people need to have in the architecture market. Inspiring every person I can on how beautiful and vital architecture is.

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