I designed a chair that offers an attractive look, with one side stretching the seat on which the seat is located and the other on which the armrest plays a role as a leg. Armrests can be in different colors, depending on the client’s desire. Foot rests can be installed to prevent slipping.

I started from the idea that I need a chair quite different, asymmetric and attractive and at the same time it will provide comfort. I started sketches and finished with realization. I chose the colors in my taste, which, as I mentioned, may vary depending on the taste of the client.

At first I sketched and then I developed it in Sketch Up. After defining the ultimate variant, I approached the realization. Тhe construction is made of massive beech wood and the upholstered parts are consisted of a chalkboard base, a sponge, coated with furniture fabrics.

The chair is made with advanced technology and sophisticated machines and woodworking tools. Designed with ergonomic measures, 55cm x 55cm x 85cm (total height).
This project was a challenge and proof that every solution can become a reality with hard work and creativity.

Frosina Madzovska

I create design solutions with a beautiful and pleasant interior, interiors that reflect the idea of ​​comfort and comfortable ambience.
Interiors that really feel like home.