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Character Design

Character Design

Anastasia Andreeva
July 15, 2022
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I’d like to show my project named «Character Design»

Here is the process of my characters creation. Here you can see how my
personages of different ages and different characters look like.

I also would like to represent you the sketches of my project to show how
exciting it is to create such personages.

I try to convey the character, but I do it using my own style.

I like taking ideas from cartoons and movies.
In the same time I am enjoying to watch people.
This all gives me inspiration.
I can also draw animals.

I create my work in Procreate on my iPad Pro.
First I select ideas for the project, show them to my client, and then I do them in color.
In my work I use a very bright palette, it suits my goals and I really like these colors.

Each of my projects reveals a new side to my creativity because I try new ideas every time.

Anastasia Andreeva

I am a commercial illustrator and I am happy to share my unusual and bold imagination with you in your projects.

With me you will be able to create such projects:

- nft projects
- brand character concept
- illustrations for print and social networks
- illustrations for comics

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