Character Design

It was a university assignment “development of the concept of characters” there are final versions of the characters presented here. There are several characters designed for the post-apocalyptic world.
There are the characters: soldier, dealer, witch, racer and professor. Each of them has a special character and features that I tried to express.

when I started to develop characters the main task was to create several strikingly different characters from each other and that would be able to understand the nature of each activity and other features. Stylization was necessary because we had to develop our design skills, but I wanted to train my skills in realizm, so I decided to combine these two styles. First of all I made a list of characters, and described their activities and characters. Then for each of them I tried to identify special details that could characterize them, to present details that first come to mind when you think about someone. For example when you think about “Dealer” you image someone like a big bag with a manu things for sale and, of course, you need to consider the features of the world in which you need to place this character. According to my idea it was a post-apocalyptic world with a city that was built from an old amusement park in the desert. and therefore it was necessary to consider all these moments. During the creation of the character, I tried a large number of color variations, clothing options and details. The most important advice of my curator was to pay special attention to the volumes, it means to notice how the volumes of details and parts of the body interact with each other, to ensure that they do not compete with each other, do not distract attention from more important details to abide by contrast and proportions. It was like solving a mathematical problem but for me the more conditions lead to a better result.

First of all i made a several hand-drawn scketches. It makes it easier for me to determine the general form. I digitized these sketches and began to make a stroke. After that I clarified all the details (of course they will changed in the process more than once) and proceeded to a black/white tone it would help to see the contrast. When the tone pattern was ready, I started working with the color and painting the tone pattern. And the final part of the work is refinement of details and render. As for me the biggest part in the creating a character is to invent the character and create a linear drawing and the second part is the final and rendering.
I use Adobe Photoshop and several brushes simple and texturing brush and sometime I impose textures overlay the picture.

how did people respond to my work? It is difficult to say. It’s better to ask people themselves.
for me it was a lot of experience, first of all it’s to finish what was started, the second is to do the project in a common style, and the third is the filling of the characters with details with keeping the balance.

Violetta Vengrus

I’m Violetta the beggiber illustrator and 2nd artist from St. Petersburg I’m happy to realize that my hobby has become my work. But it’s not always easy because I’m still learning.