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Character Numero x

Character Numero x

Peter Ličko
April 16, 2020
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Hi, this is my story. After end of my Bachelor at architecture school I have decided to not work like architect but that i want my dreams come true. I have decided to become illustrator. Jon Foreman once said:“Define your dreams well, because one day your dreams will define you." and that is why i illustrate and finding new ways in illustrations.

Project started like training on Dribble. At the start there was only one character. I didn`t want to make the whole collection of characters, but it was looked like good training with elementary shapes, colors and lightning. Nothing complicated buth simple concepts. Characters are made like simple compositions with own color palettes. The main thing that characterizes them is lighting. Sometimes they can look like rendered. Next thing what was important to me was movement and own personality of illustration. The name of character usually comes at the end.

For painting I use Photoshop. In the work there was used basic round brushes and airbrush. My characteristic style is because of use dissolve setting on painting brush. It makes little grainy texture, which depends on resolution of illustration. At the start of painting I will make character only from few shapes. Than It is modelate by layer mask. At the end I will give it color and light with clipping mask. Sometimes i will use After Effects to give motion. I do not make sketches, the illustrations are themselves sketches.

Project got curated at Behance galleries. It was a little suprise for me. I am still finding my own style so for me is response from people important. After this experience I know that I am on the good path. So keep going in my own way like to do things.

Be yourself, be original. If you want to support me there is my instagram , with many others illustrations from me.

Peter Ličko

Freelance illustrator from Slovakia live in Brno, Czech Republic.

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