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Characters Animation VOL1

Characters Animation VOL1

Andrea Riccardo Di Stefano
April 2, 2017
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Fascinated by animated GIF, in these days I’ve tried to create something new with After Effects. These are some little tests and experiments I did to improve my skills. With the help of Anastasia, I create this project in one weekend.

I really wanted to improve my Motion Graphic skill. So I decided to start with some characters, because I just had to simulate their arms and legs movements. So I've gone on Adobe Stock and I've decided some of them!

I've used Adobe Illustrator to create the charatcters layers, and then I used Adobe After Effects to animate them. I learned everything from Youtube tutorial, because I'm not a Motion graphic designer. I started to move the frames on After Effect, and slowly my characters comes to life. It was very pleasant to see it.

It was my first occasion to approach with Motion Graphic and After Effects, so I've learn a lot! It was difficult at the beginning, but after a few days it was automatic. People responded very very well, the project liked and I'm very proud of this.

If you want to see more, follow me on Behance. Hope I can update the VOL2 soon.

Andrea Riccardo Di Stefano

Continuously interested in how people interact with product and service, my attitude is to create an experience that exceed their expectation.
I’m constantly looking for a dynamic, passionate and creative environment where different mindset create awesome, out of the box projects.

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