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Introduced is the series of funny characters, which were developed for the games. My task was to not simply create cute and pretty characters, but the ones what would build the emotional connection with a person. Emotion is our life, so I want you to feel positive and smiling when looking at them.

Ideas for characters come to me from somewhere inside. Sometimes I just look at photos, watch the creatures, animals and people in life, what I see often translates in my imagination into cartooning, I create the story and ideas, characters, a whole world that can be developed endlessly.

I used Adobe Photoshop. At first the work begins with a sketch, work with a sketch for me is an important stage, I try to create it neat and understandable, rather than chaotic. So it will be convenient for me to work in the future and the client will understand what he will eventually get. After the sketch, of course, I work with color and paint the picture in detail (volume, light, shadow, etc.). The last step is to look at the finished work, and if need yet to play with colors and light.

My work on the characters received good reviews and was exhibited in the best galleries on social networks, like the work of the best.
From this project and the process itself I got great pleasure, because I really like to create colorful and charismatic characters. This is not only my job, but also a hobby.

You can follow me on Instagram @martysjaaa and can see more my work on Behance:

Marta Klachyk

My name is Marta, from Ukraine.
I’m a freelancer, character designer, illustrator, game artist and concept artist.
I create and prepare competitive artwork for different genre of games also create characters, backgrounds, illustrations, concept art, I work in cartooning styles.