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Charge Tray

Charge Tray

YeongKyu Jung
March 4, 2019
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The Charge tray is a design that has once again thought about passing carelessly through everyday life. The wireless charger is still sitting on the desk, but it does not take long to charge the phone. When there's no charge, it just sits on the desk.
So, what can be used when a wireless charger is not charged? Charge tray designed the wireless charger by using a basic pen at the desk.
It's not a conventional, rugged wireless charger, Using the basic figure as a wireless charger, It can be used as a Pentray even if it is not charged

These days, the work at the desk is increasing and therefore the consumption at the desk is increasing.
I looked carefully at the desk and thought about what to design.
Then, the thing that came into my eyes was a wireless charger
When I saw that the wireless charger was on my desk when I wasn't charging it,
I thought it would be good to use it even if it doesn't charge."

It wanted to incorporate shapes and shapes into wireless chargers, not conventional ones.
The shape of the pen was not to be awkward and the height and width of the pen were designed through various prototypes.
Since the color is used at the desk, used the color Navy to suit the environment without getting tired of it.

The modeling program used the Rhino3d.
After modeling, we used 3D printers to make a really large amount of prototypes.
Depending on the height of the pen, the cell phone may not be able to charge.
It was difficult to make it possible to charge a cell phone even though it could be stable.
I tried to create a beautiful shape through the right height and width by extracting numerous prototypes.

I've been working on this project with my college graduate.
Those who saw my graduation work were greatly attracted to being able to use it as a pentray in addition to a charger.And wanted to buy this product.
I practiced using this project to find the right shape with a really large amount of prototypes.
I did a lot of trial and error and completed the product in the proper shape.

I'm working on looking at existing objects and reinterpreting them.
If I've done a few other things besides charge tray, I'll keep going.

I want you to look at my work through my Behance link. :))

YeongKyu Jung

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