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Charger Customs (Free PSD Website Template)

Charger Customs (Free PSD Website Template)

Kirill Yevdokimov
November 15, 2017
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Charger Customs is a free, clean and trendy PSD Template. It's made for a lot types of websites, specially cars related websites.
It can be very useful for students and professional designers that want to learn something new and increase they knowledge and skills.

I wanted to make a free and useful for people website template. It can be useful for designers and students. I wanted to make it clean, simple, but luxury. And of course i love cars, so I made a luxury style website with photos of retro cars.

I use Adobe Photoshop to create websites. At the beginning i make prototypes on paper, then in Photoshop. At the next step i find colors and good fonts for the website. Then i make design and show it to my friends designers!

I hope they like my project. It can be very useful for them. I tried to make a good and trendy template, so i think people will be happy to use some details of this project in their personal work.

You can download this Free Psd here:

Kirill Yevdokimov

I am young graphic designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
I specialise on calligraphy and lettering.

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