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Charlie Boy Media - Branding

Charlie Boy Media - Branding

Sam Mountain
August 17, 2016
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Made another great character, for a New York based, media company. Check them out at facebook. Thanks Evgeny Polukhin for this awesome character design, and for your patience. Also thanks Evgeniy Starov for helping us with this great lettering. And thank you for your support, each like it's amazingly appreciated!

The bold idea behind this logo is simple yet complicated. Charlie boy - a "boy" with charisma and maximum lvl of creativity. Always a dreamer. Gadget addicted. We combined the idea of "a nerd boy reading a book late night, covered by a blanket" and the age of gadgets, mobile phone reading, etc.

Our secret ingredients are simple: Use your Brains > generate crayon ideas > vectorise them in Adobe Illustrator > generate some crayon lettering > vectorise that lettering. The steps were really hard because of very delayed client's feedback, so we could do it faster, but..

Client was in loved with this character. People gave some nice feedback. The lettering and raw idea was great from the start, so good feedback was given for a our good work. Some behance recognition and tons of likes. So we will continue our work on character design and lettering logo.

Sam Mountain

Studio of Web-design based in central Europe. We create pixel perfect design for Web and iOS that helps huge startup business grow faster. Rocket fuel ideas for your next big project.

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